Obstacle Course Training!

Starting in April!



Come train for your next obstacle course race with guided strength and conditioning sessions

specifically geared towards preparing you for race day! Workouts will include running, bodyweight

movements and exercises that include the use of objects like kettebells, sandbags, buckets and tires. Training groups meet three times a week, inside the gym and outside at local parks. Sign up with a friend and make new ones with others who share a common goal. The team environment of these groups will help keep you inspired and motivated!

*Current Training Groups will meet on Tuesdays/Thursdays (630pm) and Saturdays (tbd).

*Contact Today! Limited spots available.

Willamette Valley CrossFit

call 541-554-7972 or email wvcrossfit@gmail.com.

Upcoming Races:

Battle Frog Portland (June 4th)

Spartan Race Boise Sprint (June 4th)

Dirty Dash (July 16th)

Spartan Race Portland Sprint (August 6th)

Tough Mudder (Sept. 24/25th)

Warrior Dash (Sept. 24th)

Terrain Race, Eugene (Oct. 1st)

Obstacle Course Flyer


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